Types Of Bearings And Their Importance

Bearings are an important part of all engines that help in smooth rotational movements. They reduce friction and increase the longevity of metal parts by supporting the rotating shafts. Various types of bearings are used in various machines. The different types of bearings commonly used are listed below.


Different Types Of Bearings

  • Crankshaft Bearings
    These bearings lie between the crankshaft and the engine block. The crankshafts rotate on these bearings. The number of bearings used varies according to the types of engines as 6 cylinders engines use 7 main bearings while the V8 engines use 5 main bearings. To maintain the continuity and concentric rotation, it is important to take care of the oil film coating that surrounds the bearings.
  • Ball Bearings
    Among the different types of bearings, ball bearings are commonly used. In these bearings balls are used for the rotational movements. They are available at a cheaper price as compared to the other types of bearings. They are very accurate and support the radial and axel while moving light weight loads. Ball bearings help in reducing friction also.
  • Taper Roller Bearings
    The taper roller bearings have the capacity of supporting the loads of large thrust and radials. These types of bearings are among the different types of bearings which are greatly used in car hubs.
  • Camshaft Bearings
    Camshaft bearings or cams are rods that are long and have lobes that stick out. They help to control the fuel or air that is being used for combustion by opening and closing the valves. The important thing about the camshaft bearings is that they are directly connected to the crankshaft or sometimes by a gear mechanism to maintain the synchronization of the two engine parts.
  • Roller Bearings
    The roller bearings use cylinders that have large diameters. They can support radial loads of higher capacity and helps the proper and smooth movements of rotary appliances and machineries. The rolling contact bearings that are also known as antifriction bearings are great in removing all kinds of sliding that occurs in between the surfaces of the different kinds of bearings. The rolling interfaces are used to reduce friction. Hydrodynamic fluid films are applied for best performance.
  • Thrust Ball Bearings
    The thrust ball bearings have two washers that are made of steel and the balls are placed inside them. These bearings are appropriate for swivel tool-bars and turn-tables that have slow motions.
  • Circumferential Groove Bearings
    The circumferential groove bearings are one of the other different types of bearings that are frequently used. There is an oil groove that lies around the bearings. It helps to maintain the oil by using pressure. The uniform supply of oil is effective in maintaining the connection of the rod bearings and the main load.
  • Needle Bearings
    Needle bearings are mostly used in drive shaft of a rear wheel car. The long and thin cylinders reduce friction greatly during rotation and are good for transmissions and engines.

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Selecting the appropriate bearings from the different types of bearings available today, it is always right to take the help of experienced professionals. They are masters in this field and are aware of the requirements of every part of an engine. Hence they are the best guides regarding the selection of bearings.