Managing Friction with Torrington Bearings

Are you looking for some of the best bearings around? If so, then you can’t go wrong with Torrington bearings. The nice thing about Torrington is that they specialize in bearings and bearing assemblies. Torrington bearings have been in business for many years but now operate under their parent company, Timken. The Timken Company acquired Torrington bearings and is now the leading bearing and bearing manufacturer and supplier in the world.

Torrington is best known for its Torrington needle bearings and Torrington thrust bearings. All Torrington bearings are made using special lubrication and duplex cutting in order to ensure that they are all the same size, which helps reduce friction and makes the bearing assembly last much longer. Torrington is somewhat more expensive than some of its competitors, however, none of them compare in quality and longevity to Torrington. This is why it is highly recommended that for any of your bearing needs, you call on Torrington. You can see all the different options that you have by looking through the Torrington bearings catalog.

Benefits of Torrington Bearings

  • Higher Quality – The way Torrington bearings are produced gives them higher quality. Torrington only uses the best materials as well as the finest tools to manufacture the bearings and assemblies like pillow block bearings. A lot of bearing manufacturers will outsource the making of the bearings and the housing and all they do is assemble them; however, Torrington does everything in house. This is why Torrington bearings are far better than any other bearing on the market today.
  • Less Friction – Did you know that a bearing that works too hard will often times harm the entire assembly? It is because of this that less friction is a good thing. When bearings are free to move about the way they were created this will make the entire task much easier. Whether the bearings are meant to assist in the performance of a motorcycle or washing machine, they all provide as little friction as possible. This is a great benefit to Torrington bearings as many companies do not bother to see the value of limited friction on their assemblies.
  • Lasting Performance – Have you ever wondered why bearings seem to break down or heat up too much? This is because they are not created properly. There could be many factors here but the most common problem is that some bearings are larger than others; this causes the bearings to rub against the inside of the housing, which in turns creates small slivers of metal buildup. This is a huge problem that you must avoid, that is why using Torrington bearings is such a good idea.

As you can see there are many benefits in using Torrington bearings. Torrington is a huge complement to everything that Timken has to offer and the two of them will be leading the bearing manufacturing industry for years to come. Just keep in mind that when you need a bearing for any moving part, you should look no further than Torrington. Yes, they may cost a bit more but the difference in quality and performance will more than make up for it.